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WHE Channel is a highly-curated multiplatform channel featuring diverse and unfiltered stories from across Latin America. Our platform will be available worldwide.

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WhE amplifies diverse stories across
Latin America, and gives a platform
to these stories so that anyone
looking for such content will know
exactly where to find them.
WhE moves to connect people
across generations and cultures by
hosting content that elevates our
connection to one another and
regrounds us in our humanity.

The market is oversaturated with content and sometimes it can be difficult to search endlessly through larger platforms like Amazon and Netflix. These larger platforms also don’t always cater to content that may be considered niche. For audiences outside of Latin America, our content and stories are also limited on these platforms, even though for example, the Hispanic market in the US controls over $1.5 trillion USD in buying power. That’s why having a dedicated OTT platform that caters specifically to women and other diverse audiences who are interested in viewing, learning, and being entertained by our unique stories is necessary.  Many of our stories as women and marginalized groups have been overlooked, ignored, or misrepresented. Even with countless programs on larger platforms, there still isn’t enough space for our stories, so we’re creating the space for them.


What content will be 


on WhE

WhE will contain scripted and unscripted, and short and long form formats, touching on a multitude of topics. Some of the topics and will include human behavior, fashion, gastronomy, and sex. We have the ability to partner with the largest producers and distributors in Brazil and Latin America, such as: Conspiração Films, O2 Filmes,  LC Barreto Filmes, Zazen Produções, Paris Filmes.


WhE will have its own branded platform and will be available to users worldwide on all devices that support streaming, including: Android/ IOS, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku, desktop and many more smart televisions. The countries served will eventually be throughout LATAM and including Spain but will initially be launched  in Brazil, Mexico and the US. 

Business Model

Users will be able to watch content on a free ad-supported basis (AVOD).  We will bring in major brands and advertisers from the US and LATAM to support this model. 



Yael Steiner

Yael Steiner is a cultural entrepreneur and filmmaker with over 20 years experience. She founded YS Culture and Cine in 2000, a production and distribution company. Her work includes consulting on SEFARAD, and Disney Fox’s Jojo Rabbit. La Planta, a documentary about medicinal cannabis filmed in Uruguay with Drama Filmes. And is currently developing the series, The Witches of TOMAR, a co-production between Brazil and Portugal, The INvisible World and  She is also working on her directorial debut, a feature film co-production between Brazil and Uruguay titled, Tikun.
Yael is also part of the development of Latin American Creative Centers, Punta del Este film Studios, Protagonists of Culture Project and International Women's Festival in Brazil.



Teresa Lampreia

Teresa Lampreia is a Brazilian TV director who has directed award-winning series in Brazil and internationally. A few of her notable works include: The Clone, In Family, The House of Seven Women.


She also spent 23 years in the largest Brazilian communications company, Studios Globo. Bringing her strong entertainment background, she now lives in Los Angeles producing and directing social impact projects. Her goal is to use her voice as a woman and veteran in the industry to raise awareness around today’s most vital issues through the power of storytelling, unifying art and activism, creativity and impact. 

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